Dean Z Rejects “Don’t Pay for Law School”

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Admissions officers may say that you have to pay for law school. Nathan and Ben disagree. On today’s pod, the guys review financial aid advice from Dean Z of Michigan Law. They then discuss how applicants can improve their scholarship bargaining power. Later, the guys vibe to some soulful advice from Ray Charles, evaluate the diminishing returns of higher LSAT scores for “splitters,” and consider the advantages of applying as a “non-KJD.”

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4:43 - Dean Z on Financial Aid

Listener Anthony shares a recent video in which Dean Z from Michigan Law downplays applicants’ ability to negotiate scholarships. Ben and Nathan respond and inform listeners on how to empower their bargaining positions.

27:54 - Pearls vs. Turds

Listener Krista proposes a color-coded mindfulness practice used by her daughter’s kindergarten class.

34:36 - Testing on an Unlicensed OS

Nathan and Ben discuss listener Sarah’s brush with LSAC over an unlicensed copy of Windows.

38:00 - Full Rides for Splitters

Demon student “Savvy Splitter” presents their research on the diminishing returns of LSAT scores for people with low UGPAs.

43:05 - Pearls vs. Turds

An anonymous Demon student shares some wisdom from Ray Charles. Nathan and Ben discuss why you need to take the time to “play the right notes” on the LSAT.

45:54 - Controversial Work History

Ben and Nathan counsel LSAT Demon student Gracie on how to present some work experience that admissions officers might view unfavorably.

49:27 - Drink the Demon Facts

LSAT Demon student BV claims to have drunk the Demon Kool-Aid but has flouted some of Nathan and Ben’s advice. The guys encourage BV to stick to a career they already love.

57:05 - Criticizing Law School

Listener Eddie recommends an episode of 5-4 titled “Welcome to Law School (Again).” Ben and Nathan agree with the conclusion that law school is a terrible idea for most people.

1:01:22 - Get Even Greedier

Nathan and Ben encourage a listener with a 173 on record to get greedy.

1:07:26 - Broaden Your Horizons

An anonymous listener asks Ben and Nathan for their thoughts on two Seattle-based schools. The guys advise Anonymous to broaden their horizons.

1:12:23 - False Confidence

Nathan and Ben warn Demon student Benjamin that watching video explanations isn’t a substitute for actual practice.

1:18:40 - Latin Roots

Demon Student Cassandra recommends studying Latin word roots to expand your vocabulary.

1:22:01 - Focus on the LSAT

Ben and Nathan implore Demon student Max to ignore other application components until he’s crushed the LSAT.

1:30:26 - Is There a “Non-KJD Bump”?

Nathan and Ben analyze an anonymous listener’s claim that non-KJD applicants have a statistical advantage in law school applications.