Do LSAT Scores Correlate with IQ? (Ep. 374)

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Nathan and Ben continue their discussion about IQ and the LSAT with some input from Thinking LSAT listener and amateur psychometrician Anthony. They discuss how the LSAT differs from other tests of IQ and why it’s possible to make huge improvements to your LSAT score despite its correlation with IQ. Later on the show, the guys analyze CUNY School of Law’s decision to stop awarding merit-based scholarships, warn a listener that law school won’t make her a better writer, and share their results from an online personality test.

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2:43 - IQ and the LSAT

On last week’s episode, the guys discussed whether the LSAT tests IQ. Demon student Anthony responds with more information about IQ, how it’s traditionally tested, and why LSAT scores might be roughly correlated with IQ. Ben and Nathan reiterate that the LSAT is largely a test of how hard you’re willing to work—regardless of your inherent IQ.

23:27 - CUNY Drops Merit Scholarships

CUNY School of Law has announced that they will no longer award merit-based scholarships. Ben and Nathan wonder if CUNY’s need-based aid might still go primarily to higher-qualified students.

30:13 - Undergrad Course Selection

Listener Gabe asks for Nathan and Ben’s advice in picking an elective course for his final semester of school. The guys consider his options and ultimately advise him to take one that he knows he’ll ace.

36:19 - Will Law School Improve My Writing?

International applicant Nafoset says she wants to pursue a JD over an LLM to help improve her English writing and speaking skills. Ben and Nathan warn her that law school is a terrible place to learn how to write.

48:27 - Determine Your Strengths

Listener Mary shares a free online test that she found to be useful in determining her strengths. Nathan and Ben discuss their own results and their general thoughts on personality tests in the style of StrengthsFinder.