What's My Score Range? (Ep. 377)

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Ben and Nathan discuss score ranges and why your confidence in your ability shouldn’t rise and fall with your practice test scores. The guys also review an unusual Logic Games question type that popped up on the November test, poke fun at an email soliciting donations for Nathan’s alma mater, and celebrate another soul saved from law school.

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11.30.2022 — November LSAT scores released

12.1.2022 — January LSAT registration deadline

12.27.2022 — February LSAT registration deadline

1.13.2023 — January LSAT begins

2.1.2023 — January LSAT scores released

5:45 - A New LG Question Type?

Test takers encountered an unusual question type on the Logic Games section of the November test. Demon teacher Matt DuMont proves it’s nothing the LSAT hasn’t done before.

8:04 - Your Range Is Not a Fluke

Nathan and Ben reassure a Demon student that their recent high practice test score wasn’t a fluke but a new max in their score range.

13:28 - Early Letters of Recommendation

The guys advise Demon student A.D. to go ahead and request a letter of recommendation from their employer even if they won’t apply until next cycle.

16:31 - Eliminate Excuses

The 170s are within reach for Demon student Audrey now that she’s embraced the Demon mindset and eliminated excuses from her study.

19:07 - Worth the Cost?

The guys review an email from UC Hastings that asks Nathan to donate money. Nathan’s alma mater hopes their students “feel that the value of their education is worth the cost.”

23:32 - Advice for a Fifth Attempt

Listener Sarah asks for last-minute tips as she prepares for her final test attempt. Ben and Nathan’s advice remains the same whether it’s your first or fifth official test: treat it like any other practice test.

26:46 - A Vague Scholarship Offer

Demon student G shares an unsolicited email from Elon University School of Law advertising a vague potential scholarship and guaranteed residency-in-practice. The guys weigh in.

31:14 - Another Soul Saved

Despite enjoying LSAT study, Demon student Pat decided not to attend law school after realizing that they don’t need a J.D. for the work they’re interested in.

34:03 - One Logic Games Section Per Day?

Nathan and Ben advise Demon student Amina on how much to focus on LG while not neglecting the other sections of the test.

38:44 - A Canadian Success Story

A Canadian Demon student thanks the guys for helping them score 171 on the September LSAT. Should this student retake? Since Canadian law schools consider applicants’ average LSAT scores, the answer is unclear.

41:26 - Prestigious Master’s Degree

A listener asks if law schools will care about their master’s degree from Oxford. The guys think so, but not as much as LSAT or UGPA.

43:25 - Addressing a Withdrawal

Listener Amanda wonders how law schools will view a withdrawal from a second bachelor’s program. Ben and Nathan weigh in and draft a sample addendum to address the withdrawal.