Will Law Schools "Reset" Tuition? (Ep. 382)

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Law school prices aren’t real. Scholarship data from ABA 509 reports show that most students don’t pay anything close to sticker price. Are law schools due for a tuition reset? On this week’s pod, the guys discuss a New York Times article about universities that are slashing tuition to better reflect the real cost of college. They consider whether law schools might follow suit. Also on the show, the guys hear from a former student who’s bound for Yale, encourage a new listener to withdraw their applications, and discuss how law schools may view an applicant who reapplies after a rejection.

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6:09 - In at Yale

Demon student Dez will attend Yale Law School next year, after scoring 169 on the LSAT. Well done, Dez!

9:33 - Overcoming Score Plateaus

Nathan previews his upcoming live class on whether score plateaus are real and how to overcome them. Register here—all you need is a Demon Free account.

11:59 - Medical Records for Accommodations

An anonymous student worries that if they apply for accommodations on the LSAT, law schools may see the medical records that they submit to LSAC. Ben and Nathan doubt that such information is shared with schools, but they recommend contacting LSAC to find out for sure.

15:59 - Tuition Cuts

The guys review a New York Times article about a New Hampshire college that’s cutting its tuition by 62 percent. Similar “tuition resets” enacted by other private colleges shed light on how wildly inflated their prices were to begin with.

23:12 - Reapplications

Ben and Nathan examine screenshots from a law school application courtesy of Demon team member Brittany. One of the questions asks whether you’ve applied previously. Reapplications aren’t a big deal, but the guys explain why you should still plan to apply only once.

33:22 - Withdraw Your Applications

Listener Taylor applied to 20 schools this November with a score of 159. But Taylor believes they can score higher. Nathan and Ben encourage Taylor to withdraw their applications and to focus on improving their LSAT.

48:53 - The Tests Are All the Same

The internet loves to speculate about which test dates might give test takers an advantage. Don’t listen to the internet. Ben and Nathan urge you to let your practice test scores determine when to register for the official test.

1:03:36 - LSAT Penance

Listener Joseph wonders if he should take more classes at a local college to increase his GPA. The guys tell Joseph not to bother. Any grades earned post-graduation won’t count toward his LSAC-calculated GPA. Nathan and Ben reiterate why the LSAT is such an important opportunity to make up for a lackluster GPA.