When to Apply to Law School (Ep. 386)

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Nearly 35,000 people have already applied to law school this cycle, according to data from LSAC. And many top law schools have already begun handing out scholarships. On today’s pod, Ben and Nathan examine the current application data and advise would-be late applicants to wait until next year. Later, the guys discuss how to use scholarship offers in negotiations with other law schools. They consider the impact of affirmative-action legislation on the “URM bump.” And they read admissions updates from LSAT Demon students.

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0:27 - New Test Dates for 2023–2024

Ben and Nathan examine the new test dates for the upcoming LSAT cycle and break down how a savvy applicant can plan to take the test five times in a single calendar year.

6:08 - Your Most Valuable Asset

Ben shares some wisdom from Sam Harris: your most valuable asset isn’t your time, it’s your attention.

16:07 - Application Data

The guys analyze LSAC’s current application volume statistics. Over 30,000 people have already applied to law school this year—which means you’re late to the game if you’re still considering applying for 2023 enrollment.

25:54 - Scholarship Negotiations

An anonymous listener asks how to leverage a scholarship offer from Michigan in their negotiations with other schools. Ben and Nathan advise directness, honesty, and niceness—and to restrict negotiations to a few schools.

33:32 - Denied the Bar Because of Debt?

Listener Carol shares a Forbes article about someone who was denied admission to her state bar—despite passing the bar exam—in part because of her massive student debt.

40:46 - URM Bump

Listener Hodari wonders whether Proposition 209, which prohibits affirmative action in California public schools, means that underrepresented minorities receive less of a “bump” when applying to California law schools. Nathan and Ben review data on LSD.law that suggest otherwise.

50:12 - Improving LSAT Demon

A student suggests a way to improve written explanations in the Demon.

54:12 - Preparing for Law School

Listener Sam asks how to prepare during the summer before law school. The guys recommend The Law School Toolbox as well as a few books:

1:03:28 - Waiting to Apply

Listener Aloe isn’t sure whether retaking the LSAT and waiting to apply next cycle will improve their admissions chances. Ben and Nathan see nothing but upside in that plan.

1:05:27 - Admissions Updates

Several LSAT Demon students share their admissions and scholarship success stories.

1:07:37 - Not Going to Law School

Demon student Krista has decided not to attend law school. Instead, she’s embraced her current career and found peace in her life as it is. Krista thanks the Demon team for helping her reach her decision.