Will AI Replace Lawyers? (Ep. 387)

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Is ChatGPT coming for lawyers’ jobs? On this week’s episode, Nathan and Ben speculate on how AI chatbots will affect the legal industry. They imagine profound changes to the ways that lawyers work, and they advise future law students to familiarize themselves with this new and vital tool. Later, the guys warn undergrads against studying for the LSAT while in school, discuss the pitfalls of highlighting in Reading Comprehension, and hawk Demon swag.

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0:38 - ChatGPT

Listener Amy wonders how chatbots like ChatGPT will affect the legal profession. Ben and Nathan believe that AI may take over many rote tasks, like document review, but that it will never completely replace human lawyers.

19:38 - Getting to 175

Demon student Daniel scored 170 on the June LSAT after taking only two practice tests. Now he has his sights set on a 175 or higher. Nathan and Ben think Daniel can reach his goal if he’s willing to put in the work and take the test multiple times.

23:57 - Studying While in Undergrad

The guys warn listeners Cassidy and Jack not to let the LSAT distract them from getting straight A’s.

27:54 - Highlighting in RC

Listener Caleb shares his thoughts on the highlighter tool for Reading Comprehension passages. Ben and Nathan maintain that the highlighter is a distraction for most students.

39:46 - Comparing Full Rides

Nathan and Ben evaluate listener Nick’s full-ride scholarship offers from Drexel and the University of Missouri. Should better job prospects at one school outweigh a lower cost of living at the other? The guys advise Nick not to let a relatively small amount of money sway his decision.

45:35 - Regional Law Schools

Demon student Conor asks about the value of attending a prestigious out-of-state school as opposed to a lower-ranked regional school. Ben and Nathan think that it depends on what those schools will cost. They double down on their advice to apply broadly.

50:26 - Fulbright Disclosure?

Demon student and law school applicant A just found out that they’re a semi-finalist for a Fulbright award. Should they disclose this to law schools? Nathan and Ben debate the pros and cons of sharing this conflict before it’s a sure thing.

56:49 - Tax Law

Listener “Tax Guy” wants to add a JD to his CPA designation. Ben and Nathan discuss the lucrative field of tax law.

1:00:39 - Study Schedule

Demon student Nate asks how to split his time between drilling, timed sections, and practice tests. The guys recommend their One-Hour LSAT study schedule.

1:05:40 - Merch

Nathan and Ben poke around the new UC Law San Francisco merch store and invite listeners to pick up LSAT Demon swag.