From Rejection to Full Ride (Ep. 390)

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Nathan and Ben read the story of an applicant who improved his LSAT and received a full-ride scholarship offer from a school that had rejected him last year. The evidence mounts: every LSAT point is worth at least $10,000. Also on the show, the guys examine a Logical Reasoning question written by ChatGPT, explain how Loan Repayment Assistance Programs work, and encounter one of the turdiest Pearls vs. Turds submissions of all time.

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0:00 - Parents’ Night

On March 9 at 7pm ET, Nathan will host a free class for parents so they can better understand the law school admissions process. Parents can register at using their kids’ accounts or by creating their own Demon Free accounts.

3:44 - ChatGPT

What happens when you ask ChatGPT to write an LSAT question? Ben and Nathan review a Logical Reasoning question from the chatbot that misses the mark. Then they read a personal statement penned by ChatGPT. It’s not pretty.

14:59 - Scores Going Down

Demon student Kaitlyn feels that the more she studies, the worse she gets at the LSAT. The guys suspect that Kaitlyn is reading too much into a small sample size and encourage her to focus on one question at a time.

21:50 - Pearls vs. Turds

Nathan and Ben encounter an especially bad piece of LSAT advice. They implore listeners to cut the gimmicks and practice like they’ll play on the official test.

28:36 - Live Class Schedule

Demon student Colt asks how best to schedule his time with Demon Live classes. Ben and Nathan recommend picking one class every day or two and leaving plenty of time for self study.

33:46 - LRAPs

Nathan and Ben break down law schools’ Loan Repayment Assistance Programs. The guys tell listeners to do their research and to be extremely careful with such programs, which may simply kick debt further into the future.

50:09 - From Rejection to Full Ride

An anonymous listener shares a story of an applicant who improved their LSAT score and received a full-ride scholarship from a school that had previously rejected them. Ben and Nathan see this as further proof that every LSAT point is worth $10,000, sometimes more.

1:01:41 - Getting Off Waitlists

Listener Brad wonders if a better score on the April LSAT could help him get off the waitlists at several T14 schools. The guys tell Brad to withdraw his applications and reapply next cycle with a better LSAT score. If he follows that plan, Brad should have scholarship offers in hand by the end of 2023.

1:08:44 - An UGPA Miracle

Listener Kash convinced their old school to convert their Fs to Ws, saving their 3.9 GPA from dropping to a 3.3.