Set Smaller Goals (Ep. 394)

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Fixating on a goal score can be counterproductive. The only way to improve on the LSAT is to focus on understanding one question at a time. Today on the pod, Ben and Nathan offer listeners advice on topics ranging from finding study motivation to overcoming a low UGPA using the LSAT as your not-so-secret weapon. Plus, a couple of pre-law lovebirds wrote into the show this week, and the guys try their hand at relationship advice. They’d rather you go for the happy relationship than end up star-crossed attorneys in debt.

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4.14.2023 — April LSAT begins

4.25.2023 — June LSAT registration deadline

5.3.2023 — April LSAT scores released

6.9.2023 — June LSAT begins

6.28.2023 — June LSAT scores released

0:43 - When Should You Quit?

An anonymous student is looking for guidance after they believe some barriers kept them from achieving a higher LSAT score. The guys weigh in with their thoughts on whether this student should work to raise their LSAT score or cut their losses and choose a different career path. Bottom line: Don’t take the official test again until you’re ready.

6:52 - Set Smaller Goals

Listener Christopher tells Ben and Nathan that he signs up for official LSAT test dates to stay motivated. The guys offer advice on how to study effectively and how to know when you’re ready to sign up for the official test. Don’t squander your limited attempts at the official LSAT—take it only when you’re happy with your practice test score range.

19:43 - Focus on Your Successes, Not Your Failures

Listener Jason asks Ben and Nathan how to explain that his grades dropped during the year that Covid forced classes online. The guys’ advice: Focus on positive facts about your stats—get the highest LSAT score you can, and don’t blame your undergrad institution for your lower grades.

28:37 - LSAT Scores Stay on Record for Five Years

Listener William is committed to going to law school only if it’s free. But he won’t be applying for four more years. Is it too early to start prepping for the LSAT? Ben and Nathan let William know that he’s doing everything the right way, but he should read the fine print on LSAC’s website or talk directly to a representative at LSAC to get the answer to this question.

32:02 - Lovebirds in Law School

An anonymous couple applying to law school together ask Ben and Nathan if they should take full-ride offers at a lower-ranked school or pay for the prestige that comes with attending a higher-ranked school. They share their dreams of being a law-school power couple, and the guys caution them about the road they’re about to embark on. 

43:01 - Law School or Love?

An anonymous listener shares a Reddit post asking whether to write an addendum for low stats on law school applications. Anonymous says he’s limited to school in Los Angeles because he wants to be with the woman of his dreams. He’s worried that a subpar LSAT and UGPA will keep him from his betrothed. Ben and Nathan suggest that the woman of your dreams is more important than going to a bad law school with low stats. They advise Anonymous to give up the law dream for now and go get the girl. If he’s still intent on practicing law, he should raise his LSAT score so that he can go to law school for free in the future. 

50:47 - Speed Reading Isn’t Reading

Demon teacher Kevin shares a motivational quote that he found relevant to studying for the LSAT. Ben and Nathan agree. You can’t “speed read” and actually comprehend everything you’re reading. 

52:26 - Do Soft Factors Help?

Listener John writes in to ask if his “soft” factors will help him overcome a low UGPA on his law school applications. The guys tell John that the best way to overcome a low UGPA is to get the highest LSAT score you can get. A T-14 school might not be attainable with his UGPA, but a high LSAT will give him the best shot.

59:13 - Demon Student Admissions Update

An anonymous former Demon student shares their stats and their current law school admissions results—including scholarship offers that came in even higher than expected. Ben and Nathan congratulate Anonymous and remind listeners that hard work pays off.