New Test Center Option (Ep. 397)

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In-person testing is back. Beginning with the August 2023 LSAT, test takers will be able to choose between taking the LSAT at home or in person at a test center. Nathan and Ben weigh in on the announcement. Later, the guys extol the virtues of “inbox zero,” give advice on how to approach a delicate LOR request, and diagnose the likely cause of a listener’s disappointing application cycle.

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1:09 - In-Person Testing

The guys react to the announcement that LSAC will resume administering the LSAT at in-person test centers for the 2023–2024 testing cycle. Beginning in August, test takers will have the choice of whether to take the test at home or in person.

12:09 - Inbox Zero

Ben and Nathan explain the purpose behind LSAT Demon’s Review Inbox feature and advise students on how to approach their review. The guys also praise the “inbox zero” approach to email management.

21:57 - Make the LSAT Fun

Demon student Bella has learned to love the LSAT after previously struggling with other prep companies. The guys view Bella’s progress as the natural outcome of the Demon’s commonsense approach.

26:35 - Should I Keep Going?

Listener Aly has mastered Logic Games but feels stuck in the other sections of the test. Should she keep studying or accept that she’s reached her limit? Nathan and Ben suggest ways to continue improving in Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension.

31:55 - Applying for Accommodations

Listener Isidora can’t apply for accommodations until she registers for an actual LSAT, but she doesn’t feel ready to take the official test. Ben and Nathan advise Bella to register and change her test date later if she needs to.

36:08 - A Risky LOR Request

Listener B worries that asking their current boss for a letter of recommendation might threaten their job security. Should B hide their law school plans from their employer? Nathan and Ben suspect that B is overthinking things.

44:38 - Comparing Scholarship Offers

Ben and Nathan compare listener Niki’s scholarship offers from a handful of schools in California. The guys encourage Niki to consider applying more broadly.

1:00:36 - Bluebooking with GhatGPT

An anonymous listener shares their negative experience using ChatGPT for citing legal sources. Nathan and Ben hold that, despite the chatbot’s current imperfections, AI is sure to have a profound impact on many lawyers’ jobs soon.

1:05:57 - What Did I Do Wrong?

Demon student G is confused by the results of their application cycle: a bunch of rejections and waitlists at schools where G expected scholarship offers. Ben and Nathan share their suspicions on where G went wrong.