Big Law Expectations (Ep. 398)

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You are online 24-7. The client is always right. “I don’t know” is never an acceptable answer. These are a few of the “non-negotiable expectations” of an attorney working in big law. Nathan and Ben react to a leaked training slide that recently went viral for showing how big-law associates are expected to devote their lives to their jobs. Later, the guys consider reasons for liking a particular law school when all law schools are basically the same. They distinguish between effective and ineffective approaches to reviewing Reading Comprehension. And they explain what they mean when they say, “Don’t pay for law school.”

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4:22 - Big Law Expectations

Listener Michael shares a leaked list of “non-negotiable expectations” for associates at a big law firm. Ben and Nathan recommend that anyone with big-law aspirations take note of this glimpse into their future.

22:31 - Conditional Scholarships

Nathan and Ben suggest resources for investigating different schools’ conditional scholarships. You can avoid inferior scholarship offers altogether by applying early and broadly with your best LSAT score.

27:57 - Why Like a Law School?

Ben and Nathan think law schools are all pretty much the same. So what are some reasons for liking a particular law school? The guys discuss three factors: cost, location, and big-law placement.

35:52 - Reviewing RC

An anonymous LSAT Demon student feels that their improvement in Reading Comprehension has stalled. Nathan and Ben urge Anonymous to actively review their mistakes rather than passively watch video explanations.

48:47 - Reapplying

An anonymous listener asks whether they should revise their personal statement when reapplying. Ben and Nathan redirect Anonymous to focus on what really matters: their LSAT.

54:02 - Pay for Law School?

Listener Justin contemplates a conditional full ride to Hofstra versus an unconditional 95% scholarship to Albany. Nathan and Ben doubt that a conditional scholarship is worth the risk. The guys explain the nuance in their mantra “don’t pay for law school.”

58:41 - Online J.D. Programs

Listener Noora is exploring fully online J.D. programs like the one offered by St. Mary’s Law. Ben and Nathan see great benefits to such programs as long as the price is right.

1:06:57 - Should I Take the September LSAT?

The guys encourage an anonymous listener to take the LSAT multiple times and not to latch onto a particular application cycle.

1:10:16 - Application Deadlines

Listener Michael shares an email from UF Levin with a funny typo.