Mindfulness: Your LSAT Superpower (Ep. 399)

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Your mind is awesome. Harness its power by training yourself to focus on what you choose. Today, Ben and Nathan extol the benefits of meditation as a way to reclaim control over your attention. Also on the pod, the guys emphasize the importance of understanding the passages in Reading Comprehension rather than simply trying to memorize facts. They explain why you should always plan to retake the LSAT. And they implore listeners not to let sunk costs guide their decision-making.

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0:00 - LSAT Swagger

Confidence is key on the LSAT. Register for Nathan’s upcoming free class to learn how to approach the test with swagger.

4:10 - Remembering vs. Understanding

Listener Caleb shares how a mid-test epiphany unlocked his confidence in Reading Comprehension. Ben and Nathan encourage listeners to focus on understanding rather than memorizing RC passages.

15:23 - Always Retake

LSAT Demon student Conner lost focus during the April LSAT when he encountered an issue with his remote proctor. Nathan and Ben encourage Conner to retake the test. Just as lawyers exhaust all possible arguments to defend their clients, test takers should exhaust all possible attempts to achieve their best scores.

28:10 - Online vs. In Person

Several listeners share their opinions on the in-person test option for the 2023–2024 cycle. Ben and Nathan think that your test environment shouldn’t matter if you’ve mastered the LSAT. They recommend meditation and mindfulness practice as a powerful way to sharpen your focus.

42:56 - Academic Credibility

The guys assure listener E that an applicant’s GPA matters far more than the “academic credibility” of their degree. They advise E to remain brief and factual in any academic addendum.

50:26 - Pearls vs. Turds

Listener Greg’s previous Pearls vs. Turds submission was judged a turd. Now he’s back with another potential pearl from his work as a police officer. Will Nathan and Ben ride along this time?

55:34 - Diagnostic Test

An anonymous listener asks whether they should begin with a cold diagnostic test or just start drilling. Ben and Nathan don’t think it matters as long as Anonymous starts practicing real LSAT questions and thoroughly reviewing their mistakes. Don’t get trapped by analysis paralysis when planning your LSAT prep.

1:12:56 - Forget Sunk Costs

After two years of studying, listener E is nowhere near their target score. E wants to throw in the towel and take the June test. Nathan and Ben implore E not to let a sunk cost cloud their judgment.

1:22:31 - GPA Appeal

Listener S shares how persistence paid off in appealing their GPA with their undergraduate institution.

1:28:40 - One Question at a Time

Listener Nick has his sights set on the T14 and big law, but he’s unsure how to boost his LSAT score into the 170s. Ben and Nathan point Nick back to the Demon way: focus on one question at a time.