Why Are the Guys So Rude? (And Other FAQs) (Ep. 402)

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“Why are the LSAT Demon guys so rude?” LSAT Demon’s social media lead, Ashley joins Nathan and Ben to share this and other frequently asked questions from internet strangers on our social media. Later, the guys face a major setback in their dream of creating their own law school, they break down a tricky “determined” question in Logic Games, and they encourage a student to stop worrying about “plateaus.”

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0:00 - FAQs from Social Media

Social media guru Ashley Beaver joins Ben and Nathan to answer some FAQs:

  • Which LSAT Demon plan should I start with?
  • Are Nathan and Ben friends in real life?
  • What LSAT score is good enough for me?
  • Why are the LSAT Demon guys so rude?

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49:32 - ABA Accreditation

Listeners Bonnie and Jonathan share insights into the requirements for becoming an ABA-accredited law school. The guys rail against the absurdity of these regulations, which serve to entrench the power of existing law schools.

1:03:28 - Fatigue

Listener Patrick asks how to overcome mental fatigue at the end of practice tests. The guys assure Patrick that his LSAT endurance will improve naturally with time and practice.

1:05:53 - “Determined” Questions in LG

Nathan and Ben read an example of a “determined” question from PrepTest 65. They break down what this LG question type is asking and how to approach it.

1:08:32 - Focus on Your Mistakes

After years of study and four official test attempts, listener Sophie feels that she’s stuck in a plateau. How can she break free of her scoring slump on her fifth and final attempt? Ben and Nathan encourage Sophie not to obsess over practice test scores and to focus on her mistakes one question at a time.

1:14:24 - Diversity Statement

Listener Algernon considers writing a diversity statement about attending one of the few all-male colleges in the United States. Ben and Nathan doubt that such a statement would benefit Algernon, and they fear that it might highlight his naivety.

1:19:01 - Don’t Rush into Law School

Listener Marie asks for advice in creating an LSAT study schedule, but the guys question her motivations for pursuing a legal career. Career uncertainty isn’t a good reason to rush into law school.