1L Prep (Angela Vorpahl) (Ep. 406)

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As the fall semester approaches, incoming 1Ls may wonder how to prepare themselves for law school. On this week’s episode, Nathan and Ben are joined by Angela Vorpahl, creator of the Law School Master Plan. Angela lays out what new law students should (and shouldn’t) do to build the skills they’ll need throughout law school.

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0:00 - Testing Limits

Beginning with the August 2023 LSAT, test takers will no longer be restricted to three attempts per application cycle. You can take the LSAT up to five times in five years and seven times in a lifetime. Read LSAC’s policy on repeating the test here.

6:30 - What You Won’t Learn in Law School

Not only does law school not teach you what it takes to succeed in legal practice, it doesn’t teach you what it takes to succeed in law school. Angela Vorphal started her YouTube channel and consulting business to address that knowledge gap. She joins the guys to discuss why it’s crucial to go into law school with a plan to approach your study efficiently and with a focus on what really matters.

23:48 - How to Prepare for Law School

Angela explains why incoming law students should focus on strategies to hone their approach to law school rather than try to learn the substantive law on their own. Angela also shares some career development tasks that 1Ls can tackle to get a leg up on the competition.

52:53 - Application Timing

How late is too late to apply? Ben and Nathan double down on their advice to apply early. They implore students to decouple their LSAT study from any application timeline.