The Matthew Effect (Ep. 407)

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LSAT Demon teacher Matt DuMont takes a break from bar prep to join Ben and Nathan for a deep dive into his law school experience. Matt shares insights into what future law students can expect and how they can set themselves up for success. Later, the guys break down the real-world benefits of LSAT prep, discuss whether applicants should care about school rankings, and consider the merits of a new alternative to the LSAT.

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2:10 - Matt’s Road to Maryland

Matt just graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law near the top of his class. Today, he turns back the clock to share his law school application journey and discuss how he ended up at the University of Maryland.

11:33 - The Matthew Effect

The Matthew Effect is the tendency for those with advantage to accrue even more advantage over time. Matt turned down higher-ranked schools to attend the University of Maryland on a full-ride scholarship. He explains the advantages of attending a school that invested in him, including having a leg up on his competition for top jobs. Graduating debt-free means he can pursue his public interest goals without the pressure of paying off student loans.

28:38 - Tips for Law School

Matt answers a bevy of questions from listener Mike about law school, including how much reading to expect each week, which classes to take after 1L, how to maintain mental health, and more.

49:32 - Real World Benefits of LSAT Prep

Listener Ryan describes how studying LSAT Logical Reasoning helped him tackle a big project at work. Matt confirms that the LSAT helps to prepare you for law school and legal practice.

55:30 - Does School Rank Matter?

Does it really matter where you attend law school as long as you earn your JD? The guys discuss job outcomes that students can expect from differently ranked schools and opine on when it’s useless to compare school ranks. They double down on their advice to choose the best law school you can attend for free.

1:03:18 - A New Admissions Test

An anonymous listener asks Ben and Nathan to weigh in on JD-Next, the new ABA-approved admissions test launched by the University of Arizona. The guys don’t see it replacing the LSAT any time soon.