Big Bad Law (Cece Xie) (Ep. 414)

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Cece Xie is a lawyer, writer, and content creator who became wildly popular on social media while working as an associate at a big law firm. She joins Ben & Nathan to talk about her upcoming book. They discuss why law schools push students toward big law and what it takes to climb the law firm hierarchy. Follow Cece on Substack, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and her website.

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0:00 - Introducing Cece Xie

Ben and Nathan welcome Cece to the show and ask what she’s been up to after leaving her job in big law last year.

8:22 - Cece’s Book

Cece shares some details about her upcoming book: part memoir, part exposé of big law culture. 

17:56 - The Big Law Pipeline

Cece describes the mutualistic relationship between law schools and big law recruiting. She warns listeners that career services offices don't have students’ best interests at heart. And neither do law firms.

27:48 - Thriving in Big Law

The skills that make you a good junior associate won’t help you make partner. Cece explains why business development is crucial to advancing your career in big law.

38:38 - Big Law Compensation

Cece breaks down the reality of big law compensation and explains why it’s less stable than many people think.

42:45 - Making Connections

Knowing the law gets you only so far in big law. Cece shares how a successful lawyer forms strategic connections within the firm’s hierarchy. She encourages listeners to schedule face time with lawyers to explore different practice areas.

55:11 - No More Ctrl+F

Starting with the August test, the LSAT will prohibit the use of keyboard commands, including Ctrl+F. Test takers will now have the option to use a search bar in the test interface. Nathan and Ben still don’t recommend using the search function.