Legal Writing and AI (Ross Guberman) (Ep. 416)

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Ross Guberman is one of the world’s top legal writing experts. He’s the author of Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation’s Top Advocates, and Point Taken: How to Write Like the World’s Greatest Judges. His newest project, BriefCatch, is an AI-powered legal writing tool that offers real-time editing suggestions on legal documents. Ross joins Ben and Nathan to discuss law school, legal writing, and the evolving role of AI in the legal profession.

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0:45 - August LSAT

Ben and Nathan address the technical difficulties that arose during the August LSAT. They encourage test takers to embrace such challenges rather than crumple under the stress.

9:33 - LSAT Demon Discounts

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13:07 - LSAT Demon Discord

LSAT Demon subscribers can join the LSAT Demon Discord to connect with teachers and fellow students.

13:31 - Updates to LSAT Writing

LSAT Writing no longer allows the use of physical scratch paper. Test takers will instead have “digital scratch paper” available in the testing interface. Read more about LSAT Writing’s requirements and prohibited items here.

16:49 - Introducing Ross Guberman

Legal writing expert Ross Guberman reflects on his career as a lawyer and legal writing consultant.

30:21 - The Value of Law School

Ross, Nathan, and Ben criticize law schools for inadequately preparing students to pass the bar and find legal work.

46:22 - Great Legal Writing

Ross describes how his experience conducting writing workshops for judges and lawyers led to the creation of BriefCatch, an AI-powered tool that aims to standardize legal writing.

59:59 - ChatGPT

Ross and Ben discuss how lawyers are currently using AI tools like ChatGPT and what sort of legal work such tools could automate in the future.