It Pays to Get Greedy (Ep. 376)

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Ben and Nathan celebrate Demon students’ successes on the October LSAT—and encourage more students to retake the test. When every point matters, it pays to get greedy. Also on the show, the guys advise a law enforcement officer on his study habits, counsel a student who faces tremendous parental pressure to apply this cycle, and evaluate a full-ride scholarship offer with an early deadline to commit.

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4:03 - A 22-Point Improvement

A year after his 151 diagnostic, Demon student Arman scored 173 on the October LSAT. Ben and Nathan encourage him to get greedy and retake.

7:03 - A 24-Point Improvement

Demon student Alex raised his score from 139 to 163 in four months with the Demon. The guys think Alex should shoot even higher.

10:28 - From Law Enforcement to Law School

Demon student Jared plans a midlife career shift from law enforcement to lawyering. But he finds the LSAT to be a stiff challenge. Nathan and Ben explain why his progress will depend on his willingness to slow down and get the easy questions right.

15:47 - Parental Pressure

Demon student Connor faces familial pressure to apply to law school as soon as possible. Ben and Nathan advise Connor to stay the course and apply next cycle with his best LSAT score.

22:48 - Simulating Accommodations

An anonymous listener can’t accurately simulate their accommodations on practice tests in LawHub. Luckily, the Demon lets them do so.

27:23 - Scholarship Deadline

An anonymous listener received a full-ride scholarship offer with a deadline to commit by December 1. Should they accept, or wait to hear from other schools? Nathan and Ben weigh in.

48:50 - LSAT Investment

Demon student Simon increased his score from the mid 150s to 173 on the October test. The guys consider the lifetime return on his investment in the LSAT before they—you guessed it—tell him to get greedy and retake the test.

54:02 - Funded Legal Education Program

Demon student Kaitlyn asks about the Funded Legal Education Program for active-duty military members. Ben and Nathan discuss why law schools might find FLEP applicants attractive.