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Test 73, Section 2, Question 14 - Reasoning

Inez: Space exploration programs pay for themselves many times over, since such programs result in technological advances with everyday, practical applications. Space exploration is more than the search for knowledge for its own sake; investment in space exploration is such a productive investment in developing widely useful technology that we can’t afford not to invest in space exploration.

Winona: It is absurd to try to justify funding for space exploration merely by pointing out that such programs will lead to technological advances. If technology with practical applications is all that is desired, then it should be funded directly.

Winona responds to Inez by


showing that there is no evidence that the outcome Inez anticipates will in fact be realized


suggesting that Inez has overlooked evidence that directly argues against the programs Inez supports


demonstrating that the pieces of evidence that Inez cites contradict each other


providing evidence that the beneficial effects that Inez desires can be achieved only at great expense


claiming that a goal that Inez mentions could be pursued without the programs Inez endorses

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Inez says that we can’t afford not to invest in space exploration because of all the insane and useful technology that space exploration leads to. Winona responds by saying that if we want more technological advancements, we should just fund the technological advancements directly. In other words, Winona thinks that we ought to cut out the middle man (the middle man being space exploration).

A. Winona doesn’t do this. Winona says, “Cut out the space program and just fund the technological stuff directly.”

B. No. Winona is not saying that Inez is overlooking some sort of evidence.

C. No. Winona doesn’t think that Inez’s evidence is contradictory. Winona just points out that instead of technological advancement through funding an expensive space program, we could just directly fund the technological advancement.

D. Winona says the opposite. She says that we could get to those technological advancements for less money if we just funded them directly.

E. Yes. This is exactly what Winona does to respond to Inez. Winona says, “Hey, why not just cut out the space program and fund technological advancements directly?”

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