Law Schools Workin’ Overtime (Ep. 231)

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Between singing deans, framed “you’re special” awards, and flexible JD programs to fit your schedule, law schools are working overtime to earn your attention and attract your dollars. But as savvy law school hopefuls, y’all know when to call BS. The guys take a look at some absurd and absurdly amusing desperate moves from law schools in 2020. Nathan and Ben also consider some listener wisdom about how to break down an RC passage, they help a student decide how to incorporate her STEM background into her application package, and they critique a listener’s personal statement.

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Important Dates

February 11, 2020 – Only one more day to register for the March LSAT

February 22, 2020 – It’s ye olde February LSAT

March 30, 2020 – Count your lucky stars! It’s the March LSAT

5:40 – Pearls vs. Turds

Sometimes it’s easier to understand a topic if you can break it down into structural elements, y’know? And that’s just what Melanie has done in this week’s considered bit of wisdom. She tells the guys that she breaks RC passages down into four different categories. The guys consider the advice, discuss the four categories, and ultimately deem this fool’s gold.

22:11 – The Singing Dean Of New Mexico

Some law schools will do anything to get to a “yes.” And the University of New Mexico School of Law is no different. A 1L hopeful shares a missive from the school that details a day of fun in the sun for admitted students who wish to get to know the school a bit more before making a decision. “What does the day hold?” you might ask. Well, dear listeners, lots of drinking apparently. A guided tour. Mix and mingling with alumni. And a concert from the school’s dean and sometimes singer/songwriter. It’s a festive day, but does it betray desperation on the school’s part? The guys discuss.

35:31 – Framed Personal Statement

Remember? Just a paragraph ago? When we said some law schools will do anything to get a “yes” from you? Well, let’s keep that ball rollin’, dear listeners. Cleveland State has got a few tricks up its sleeve, including…sending you a framed picture of a quote from your personal statement. A Thinking LSAT student who took advantage of our personal statement review service just received one in fact. It’s not madness. It’s just another law school trying desperately to impress potential students and draw them in.

43:10 – STEM Diversity Statement

Anon writes in to ask the guys whether she should write a diversity statement based on the fact that she was a STEM student. The guys agree that being a STEM student sets you apart and that it’s probably not a bad idea to share this fact with your law school. They just wonder if the diversity statement is the place to include the information…

48:08 – Flex JD Program

Touro College in NY offers a four-year Flex JD program. And according to one listener, their admissions cycle begins in January. Anonymous asks if it’s sufficiently early in the cycle to apply in April after their (upcoming) March LSAT scores come in. The guys advise anon to take the LSAT until they achieve their absolute best score and then go to law school for free, regardless of when the admissions cycle begins or ends. Nathan and Ben discuss, at length, the many reasons not to go to law school.

1:02:42 – Personal Statement Review

Daisy asks Ben and Nathan to review her personal statement. In the essay, she shares her experiences as a paralegal. And while she clearly has some great things to write about, the guys still have plenty of…feedback.