LSAC Acquires Law School Transparency (Ep. 342)

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What does LSAC’s recent acquisition mean for the future of Law School Transparency? Tune in this week for an eye-opening interview with LST founder Kyle McEntee—now a senior director at LSAC. Plus, the guys declare LSAT Demon a contrapositive-free zone, explain how to transform a weakness in Logic Games into a strength, and encourage listeners to become their own boss. But first, a word about Wordle: Is this trending game anything like an LSAT logic game? Nathan and Ben comment.

What do you want to know about the legal market and how to get a job? Next week, Ben and Nathan interview Rachel Gezerseh, author of The Law Career Playbook. Send your questions to before March 22.

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3.16.2022 — April LSAT registration deadline

3.30.2022 — March LSAT scores released

4.27.2022 — June LSAT registration deadline

4.29.2022 — April LSAT begins

5.18.2022 — April LSAT scores released

6.10.2022 — June LSAT begins

3:44 - Wordle

LSAT Demon student Mike describes his strategy for playing Wordle as similar to attacking a logic game on the LSAT. Nathan explains his own method of attack and can see why those who love Logic Games might also enjoy Wordle.

9:28 - Interview with Kyle McEntee

Law School Transparency founder Kyle McEntee stops by to chat about joining forces with LSAC. (Check out his previous guest appearance on episode 255.) LSAC recently acquired LST and hired Kyle as a senior director for pre-law solutions. The guys sit down with Kyle to chat about the merger, law school employment data, and the future of 509 reports. Kyle assures listeners that Law School Transparency will remain the same great resource that they are accustomed to.

47:53 - F*** Contrapositives

LSAT Demon tutor Matt reports having a breakthrough moment with a student when they asked: “So I never have to do contrapositives again?” That’s right. LSAT Demon is a contrapositive-free zone. After years of teaching this LSAT dogma, Nathan and Ben both realized that diagramming contrapositives is pointless and confusing. So they changed their teaching methods. Either the rule applies, or it doesn’t. It’s that simple.

54:15 - A Weakness in Logic Games

After three months of studying, Demon student Hennessey scored 165 on their most recent practice test. Excellent progress! Though Hennessey scored very well on the other two sections, they missed seven questions on Logic Games. Nathan informs Hennessey that a mid-160s score with a weakness in Logic Games is a promising position to be in. Students frequently struggle with Logic Games, but it’s the easiest section to improve if you do the work. Hennessey has the potential to score in the 170s if they keep working at it.

1:06:19 - Waitlist Surveys and the Google Analytics Course

Listener Josh writes in about two topics discussed on episode 340. First, Josh lets fellow listeners know that responding to a law school waitlist survey takes only one or two minutes. It collects basic information (like your LSAC ID) and simply asks whether you would like to stay on the waitlist. If you’ve already taken the time to apply to a school that has waitlisted you, there’s no reason not to fill out the survey.

Josh also shares about his experience taking the Google Analytics course. Though the course is affordable (only $39 per month), there are twice as many people enrolled in the course as there are entry-level jobs available. Nathan offers an alternative to Josh’s way of thinking about this course. Instead of focusing on the number of job openings, Josh should focus on monetizing his skills and leveraging his contacts.