Logic Games Aren’t Changing Soon (Ep. 375)

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Ben and Nathan discuss LSAC’s upcoming Analytical Reasoning Field Study and assure listeners that the Logic Games aren’t changing anytime soon. They also hear from two former students who followed their advice and decided not to pay for law school—or not to go at all. Plus, the guys recommend resources for improving your writing, comment on the first fully online JD program to be approved by the ABA, and tackle a Weaken question from PrepTest 73.

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3:31 - LSAC Testing New Logic Games

LSAC will continue testing new Logic Games formats in an upcoming Analytical Reasoning Field Study. Ben and Nathan assure current LSAT students that the Logic Games aren’t changing anytime soon.

11:01 - Spatial Reasoning

An anonymous listener shares an article critical of IQ tests in response to Nathan and Ben’s recent discussion of IQ and the LSAT. The guys deliberate on whether LSAT Logic Games actually test spatial intelligence.

15:19 - Books about Writing

Long-time listener and former student Jeff shares his law school success story and asks about a book on writing. The guys recommend several, including Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace, by Joseph Williams, and On Writing, by Stephen King.

19:18 - Twelve Points in One Month

LSAT Demon student Hannah had modest LSAT goals but surprised herself with a twelve-point improvement in one month of study. She now has her sights set on the 170s and a full scholarship to law school.

21:28 - Online Law School

St. Mary’s University School of Law offers the first fully online ABA-approved JD program. Ben and Nathan discuss why online law school is a great idea, especially for 1L classes.

28:16 - Avoiding Law School

In episode 366, Nathan and Ben encouraged LSAT Demon student James to pursue other career interests before committing to law. James updates the guys on his decision to accept a promising job offer in lieu of law school.

32:01 - Launch Your Legal Career

Listener Juan worries about being “late in the game” if he takes a gap year before applying to law school. Ben and Nathan discuss why age doesn’t matter in law school and why it’s important to launch your legal career the right way—with a great LSAT score.

42:01 - Logical Reasoning: Soot

The guys tackle a Logical Reasoning question from PrepTest 73. Try this question yourself here. Then listen to Nathan and Ben’s analysis.