Worlds First, Worlds Always in Logic Games (Ep. 404)

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LSAT Demon teacher and Logic Games guru Matt DuMont joins Ben to share some LG wisdom. Matt and Ben discuss their approach to building worlds in Logic Games and outline productive study habits. Later, the guys help a listener who is concerned about how law schools may view his personal brand. They warn applicants against throwing up red flags in optional essays. And they implore listeners not to decide on a law school before beginning their application process.

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2:19 - Test Location Options

If you change your mind about taking the LSAT at a test center, you will have until three days before testing begins to schedule a remote session instead. If you’d like to switch from remote to in-person testing, you must do so before the seven-day deadline to schedule a test center.

5:35 - Worlds in Logic Games

Matt summarizes LSAT Demon’s world-building approach to Logic Games and answers some frequently asked questions:

  • How do I know when to stop making worlds?
  • What about games where it doesn’t make sense to build worlds?

21:59 - Do the “If” Questions First

Ben and Matt explain why they recommend answering “If” questions first in Logic Games: it’s a strategy that can’t hurt you and can sometimes help you by exposing you to new information about the game.

31:30 - Getting Faster in LG

Listener Don asks how to get faster at the games to overcome an LG plateau. Matt and Ben recommend attending live classes to sharpen world-building fundamentals, and they detail review methods that may help Don to approach games more efficiently.

46:01 - Does Law School Make Financial Sense?

Listener Brenda has sunk thousands of dollars and years of her life into preparing for the LSAT and law school. She now wonders whether law school is a wise financial decision. Ben and Matt advise Brenda to forget sunk costs and to reconsider going to law school if money is her motivation.

54:33 - Personal Brand

Listener Caleb worries that his religious college and work history may negatively impact his personal brand on law school applications. Matt and Ben discuss how Caleb can highlight his professional accomplishments without evangelizing.

1:00:38 - Optional Essays

Listener J is unsure how to approach optional essays related to diversity. Ben and Matt warn J not to overshare and to treat every essay as a potential red flag generator. If the essay won’t add something meaningful to your application, it’s better not to write it at all.

1:12:32 - Decide Last

Listener Marc has set his sights on Arizona State Law and asks when he should start studying for the LSAT. The guys worry that Marc has flipped the GLAD order of operations by deciding on a law school before applying. They encourage Marc to decide on a school at the end of his application process, not the beginning.

1:22:34 - Don’t Buy a Brand

Listener Jay asks whether he should accept a partial scholarship to his dream law school over a full ride at another good school. Ben and Matt counsel Jay not to invest in a law school’s “brand”—they want Jay to attend a school that invests in him.